Shiny medals

  The subject of the author's 'resume' or portfolio has been brought up, and I agree with it completely, and would like to elaborate on it a little further.  I have full intention to publish my stories.  First and foremost on the chopping block is the already finished, and uploaded in it's entirety Everman and Uriel.

Under the Creative Commons license, I should retain full ownership of the manuscript at all times.  Under the new copyright laws, I am considered the pieces rightful owner by immediate creation, and not by filing with the Copyright office. I have the hard-copy in my possession, with it's date-stamps and what-not.  Through Protagonize, I can now easily direct any potential publishing companies directly to this site so that they can read as much, or as little, as they choose at their leisure. 

Additionally, I intend to make reference to every obscure or silly little award, ranking, or what-have-you to dress up my submission letter, stamping into it as many 'shiny medals' as I can get.

At present, I have no real substantial qualifications for being a writer.  I have no degree in english, nor am I the long-lost love-child of Stephen King (though I do look curiously like him).

I have no writing awards, outstanding accomplishements, or any popular recommendations for my content.  I could use any leg-up over my competition that I can get.  Maybe saying that my manuscript ranked #5th on this popular online writing community for the dates of xx/xx/xx thrugh xx/xx/xx might mean something to them.  That I garnered, at this time, 50 replies, 20 bookmarks from other fans, and a whole slew of good folks who like what I do and would buy it if it were released.  Perhaps these facts and figures will mean the difference between rejection and inquiry for more information.

Is the Proof is in the Protagonize Pudding?  I anticipate.  I expect.  I hope.

And that is why I shall stick around for a while yet.  Thank you.

The End

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