Should we all go, then?

Ok - it says ''Add a new chapter to this story'' and there's no author guidance to say I shouldn't so... here goes...

I'm sure every aspiring author on this site, including me, has wondered whether writing here will affect their chances of being published, along with the ever present worry about plagiarism and so on.

But... as the most prolific Protagonist, Protagonizer, or whatever you want to call us, here, I am qualified, I think, to put in my own two-penn'orth and say why I think you should stick around.

There are a few dozen wonderful writers here who are destined to be published authors.  Some of them are ready to be published now, some need a little more practice (and I include myself in that).  If I thought for one minute that posting things here was going to jeopardise my chances I'd ask Nick to pull everything I've written already.  (and that would take I whlie, I think.)

I honestly don't think it will.  I don't think I've written my best work yet, and I think most of the other serious writers on here probably feel the same about their own stuff.  We're all capable of more, and we're all capable of better.

Neko, are you saying that you think all we aspiring novelists should leave?  If everyone bailed out for that reason, the site would be deserted.  And it's such a great site, for reading as well as writing.  It's fun.  It's hard, at times too, when you suddenly find that someone has given you a low rating for something you worked hard on and loved writing.  It's hard when someone adds a chapter to your story that takes it somewhere you didn't want it to go.  I know. I've experienced all that here.  But I've also experienced some lovely, surprising reactions to my writing, that have made me hug myself and shout ''Yes!''

The feedback is instant.  And when someone tells you ''You are a great writer'' it's wonderful and affirming and makes you want to carry on writing. 

Every book on writing I've read says that the way to get better at writing is to write.  So why not do all that practicing here, among friends?    You can always keep the ''special'' things off the site. 

I spoke to a published author and writing mentor recently, who told me that my work on Protag would help me to be published, rather than hinder it.   Look at it this way... You already have fans, who are writers themselves, so they are discerning fans.   When you eventually submit something for publication, you can show them how popular you are.

If you leave, I'll miss your super writing.

The End

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