Im a Fool

Are you one who knows what its like? To pour out your soul in writings, knowing that the one you write for will never read it?

Are you one who knows what its like? To pour out your soul in writings, knowing that the one you write for will never read it? It is a sad thing, but I think it helps me, at least, to forget. It helps me to lose myself, and to severe the connection to the piece of my heart that she stole. But then, there is always a little bit more that you want to say, isn't there? Because there's always that little chance that they might read it, and you don't want to say anything you would regret.I tried so hard to break contact with her. I really did. But, she never let me go through with it. I knew it was for the better, and i knew that she was lying to herself when she said she loved me. But i didn't lie when i said that i loved her. She thought that she could make herself love me, but she couldn't. Not when that other came back into her life. She is so foolish. He once wanted her, but his feelings are gone. I know this for a fact. But her? Oh no, she doesn't care. "Love doesn't go away", she says. Oh ya? Well I sure made it pretty much gone concerning her. At least, as far as I know i have. The real test will be when i see her in school again. and the best part? We have the same class all year long, and maybe a couple others. And on top of that, her guy is coming back to the school. Oh joy.

but she didn't try to stop me, now did she? She didn't try to find out why I did it. Why i deleted her from my life. I erased her number, burned her notes, blocked her on facebook. And she never tried to find out what was up. Really? After all you said to me, after all you did, you never tried to contact me? STUPID. GIRL. Unless you lied to me when you said it wasn't me you were over, then you still wanted me around. But I bet you lied. LIAR. LIAR. LIAR. You lied to me so many times. You thought that i was kidding when i said that i can read people? Did you think i didnt know that you didnt love me? After a couple months, ya, i admit, ya fooled me. I started to believe your lies, and ignored my senses saying that you didnt. The first time i had EVER done that for anyone. You made me doubt my abilities, when they have never ever failed me in the past. but you got over me pretty fast it seems. You just... Just stay away. If you ever lie to me like that again, i really will snap. I will let out my evil that i have held in for more than ten years, and it will all be your fault. you will be the root cause for the pain of many people, because you were to stupid to see what you were dealing with.

The nice guys who are good friends, we are the ones who are the most dangerous. Those of us who listen to all of the problems of those around us, we are the most influential, and if you are fool enough to push us over the edge, be prepared for the consequences. we can take alot of crap, but when you play with our heart, your stepping in dangerous territory. And your likely to get hurt if you hurt us. We will protect you from everything we can, and we will be fiercely loyal, and we will take alot of betrayal before you lose our trust, but do it enough and you will lose it. And then you will have no one to save you from us. for we are the true power houses of this world, those of us who understand people on a deep level by intuition, we are the ones who can hurt the most.

but you didnt listen when i told you that, did you? you didnt listen when i told you to stop playing with my mind and my heart. i gave you so much information on who i am, you could hurt me quite easily. But you already gave me the greatest pain i have ever known, now haven't you? You stabbed me in the heart and gave it a good twist, and watched as i died in front of your eyes.

The End

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