Alien Invasion

I will never fit in

Deportation is just around the corner

Oh how I wish for some song or artist to be the starting molecule of the individual I am to be identified as, so that I do not feel so lost anymore

There is no Artistic medium to release me of this stranger I have known my entire life 

Even the strange ones connect with each other in a human way, but I am even a stranger to them

Could it be that I was stripped of the existing desire that exists in all to be in touch with others? 

I'm not even sure if I am mentally a female or part of a race

Of course my gender doubt will be taken by others as I being sexually confused rather than detachment from the dreams and desires men have  subconsciously taught women for centuries to need

As for my race, my skin color will have the light eyes determine where I belong

I watch and learn from the ones who speak so that I can understand what is it that keeps them here

So, that I can continue forcing myself to desire the feeling they most want: Love

Otherwise, I will always be an illegal alien going against the balance of nature


The End

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