I'll Never Let Go

"They say, its best to forget. That in it, you'll find there will be no regret. Memories though, they are special because you don't get many chances at happiness. So don't let go, keep them close to your heart. Every beginning has a start."

These four walls surround me as I twirl the wine in this glass. Happiness becomes a shattered memory, broken melody or fragment of wat was. Your smile faded once this glass shattered against the wall. Emotions became a mix of anger an anguish. Bringing me to my knees as I put a hand to my forehead. Knowing I had messed up.


I let a silver wing, a rose, an angel fade from my life. I loved the way your eyes captivated mine, holding my gaze with such force.  The way the wind carried your scent.


I folded my hand to a fist, an I could feel the sharp pain of the glass as it bit into my skin. I could feel the blood run down my hand. Yet it was in no comparison to the sorrow of losing you. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Yet, I will never let go. You gave me a reason to be who I am. Made me immortal but still bled, unstoppable, yet stopped a breath short. Unafraid, yet terrified at such a loss, you became my life, my way, my reason an now my tears.


I'll never let go of what was real, what was love. Of the fact you made me strong. pick myself back up an I stare out the window. Only to see the moon staring back. Resembling you in so many ways. I walk on the balcony an continue to look in fascination. I felt consumed by the beauty of the light, its never ending light. When I think about it you have that same light, shinning in a big world with direction an knowing. A smile approaches my lips. As sad an painful it was to watch you go I envy who you are, maybe that's why I fell in love with you.


I say your name and say, to the empty air, "A rose cannot compare to your beauty and a bird cannot compare to the heights you flew. Nothing can replace a pure light, nor can one forget such a spirited soul as yours, a candle cannot burn as hot as my desire for you and a million years could never forget the love I have for you, shall you forget bout me, I will always remember you in my heart. Within my thoughts because i'll never let go."

The End

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