I'll Never Forget

This is just something I decided to play with. An idea forming in my head. Its about the first glimpse of an ultrasound. :)

I will never forget the way I felt the first time I saw my unborn child moving inside of my body. The picture wasn't clear, but the feeling was. I was truly feeling God working in my life. The creator in all his glory basking right there, all of His beauty touching the creature in my womb. His beauty was touching my life. Even more unforgettable though, I have to admit, was the look on your face when you heard our child's heartbeat. It was steady, strong, fast. Perfect. And your face, your face was set in a glorious grin. No matter how many photographs there have ever been taken, none has been taken that could ever capture the joy there. Nothing will ever be as simple or pure. No one could ever be as happy as you in that moment. That is what I believe now and that is what I will always believe. 

The End

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