A Failed Fashion line?

I'm sorry. I know were all tired about hearing about Lindsay Lohan but here's some more knews about Lilo. Recently Lilo and Estrella Archs ( designer) were highered to make Emanuel Ungaro more current. To make a long story short their spring summer collections were panned and called "Juvenile" and " Unoriginal".

What do I think? I think there are some definite wearable pieces. But they are unoriginal. I wouldn't pay whatever they run for. They have some beautiful drapped dresses but their are other collections that also have that (and they do it better!) I apperciated the great use of color. A lot of the collections this spring summer seem very bland. Too much neutrals and not enough color.

I didn't like the over use of pasties. There really was no need for pasties in a collection for ready to wear. No one in the real world would wear a coat with out anything underneath it except for a pastie. And the use of head pasties was unnecessary. Just put on a hat. It made the collection look cheap.

Inconclusion by the stuff on clearance!

The End

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