If you got it flaunt it, if you don't fake it

I had a fashion blog but I think I broke it. More people will read my fashion musings here anyway.

I recently picked up the greatest pair of heels. For once in my life men are staring at my feet, not my breasts!

I swore of high heeled shoes for awhile but you just don't smolder in flats or flip flops. Recently I've seen a couple of high heeled stunners I just couldn't pass up on. I really shouldn't wear high heels at all. I have a high foot arch and my ankle sort of goes inward. Basically I have foot problems and if I'm my feet too much it hurts. But I wear the shoes anyway.

I know what your thinking because everyone thinks this: than why are you wearing the shoes? Because their not just shoes. There self esteem enhancers. They turn modest me into a smoldering sexpot. I just ooze sexuality.  Sexy sparkly ooze. Even in a t-shirt and jeans I feel sexier.

Shoes and probably socks are the only articles of clothing I have NEVER worn to impress a man. There's just something empowering about a great heel and that power is all mine, I'm not sharing it.

Designer Christian Louboutin phrased it so much better:

" I don't think women only wear high heals for men. They do it for themselves. It changes the way you walk,the way you approach the world. The speed is different,the way you move is different. It's a totally different world. " It's true. In heels you don't just walk you swagger. You appear longer and leaner to people and you feel it deep inside.I challenge all women heels at least once a week. Walk around and see what I'm saying. Wear your heels when your man isn't around ( and preferabley your kids!) make heels be about you and who you are in the world.
The End

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