Another response, this time, I took my first jab at spoken word--this is a new thing for me! It is about a spoken word artist who came into our class and a man with an aboriginal past in his family

You all must listen to the story of two artists, who are not afraid to get their hands messy,

With all the background that has been engraved in their being from the very beginning,

You have one on one side speaking about how she is this and she is that with more respect than anyone can possibly accomplish.

She has the power to speak with words in a tone so desirably strong that one sits enthralled listening to all the words that tumble out of her mouth,

Her identity mixed into one to create a symphony of beautiful music and enchanted melodies for hundreds of mixed races across the seas,

She is a mixture, she is a rare delicacy only found one in a million in a sea of overwhelmingly confused souls who don’t know where they come from and where they go and perhaps for one moment, her poetry you should see.

Prepare yourself.

Next comes the man, with drawings abstract and ideas that attain a new being of identity in a world so detesting that even has the origins of this country hiding.

For that is what he has said.

His father only recently established the door and unlocked the path to his past and laid bread crumbs leading his future behind him, never ending.

What is identity?

Identity is the here, the now,  the forever you who has come to this world to establish your footsteps in the sand of time that others shall jump about and scream “oh look someone has been here before,”.

To feel the power of your own identity is a unique thing in a world of nothing but stereotypes of who is white and who is black and why did I come from here or from there.

You over there with your mixed race, stop thinking you’re such a disgrace, soon you will open your eyes and see, that for this world of everything you will give more.

Establish your own, make your own pathway for your children for that is all they will see in a world that will make it hard for them to accept the two countering regions that come together to make one soul in the world that has become blinded by racist remarks of who is who and what is what.

Remember, speak, listen, feel;

That is your identity.

The End

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