So what else ya doin', huh huh huh huh!?

An area for sharing your other projects, goals, or things that inspire you!

Hey protaggers. I've decided to put this up for anyone who wants to share ideas, links to other projects they are working on to shed some light on them. Whether it be art, music, photography, 3D design, or that quilt you spent days knitting together into a shape of a beard; make a page, describe it, and shoot a link on a page right here. It can be anything you've made, just make sure it's appropriate! Even if you just want to share an idea or something cool someone else did, that's okay as well as long as credit goes where credit is do!

I know this isn't exactly writing per se but you can turn it into a writing project as well.

Right now, I'm working on making music and 3D design and looking for others that use FL studio 10 and Blender.

The End

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