16th April 2011

いちごの猫ラーメン  #2

Two things. One good one bad. That's always awesome to hear, mhmm? -__-

Good thing, I only have, like, four pieces of homework to do *clapping*, bad thing... I've not doing a single thing but come on here, draw and eat. In fact, the only productive thing I did today was ride my bike to the shop to get some milk for my mum(...and use the change for chocolate..) which is good because I'm becoming more toned and am currently losing the fat I gained over winter and the other cold, cold days from the past(blame my mothers awesome cooking).

Sooooo. I guess my riding the bike doesn't really work if I still eat toast 24/7, does it? Oh well, back to Wetherby Gym I go ._. Fun, fun, fun.

Maybe I should just go swimming in the river all the time(I live right next to one), nahh. I better re-thing that... all that gunk and crap people toss in there... eughh. *shudder*.


I think once again, I've made it plainly obvious about my subject(health/food/ect...) but y'knowwwwww.

Ahh! I'm having a BBQ tonight!!! :p Fried chicken and those green things which begin an A... here I come!!!!

The End

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