Ichigo's Neko Ramen

Hi, to all of you who know me and those who don't. I will fill this story with thoughts and dreams of mine, maybe a few scenes I play out in my head of how I'll get picked up and become a famous actor XDD

15th April 2011

いちごラーメン     #1


Well hello there to all the people who know me and all of those who have no idea who the heck I am. I, am--by my pen name-- Ichigo.

Feel free to call me anything though. I don't mind. In this ...umm... "story" I will write everything(well, nearly) that's whizzing through my intelligent and awesome mind. Just kiding... no, I'm not. I'm a genius. 

Now, your probably wondering why the name of my story is so weird, well, that's because I like cats and ramen and Japan. Now, without further ado, I shall begin the story of my totally NOT boring life ._.


I'm known in my form(my class) for being a bit of a money-lover. I'd do alot for money(except teen prostitution), and when I'm finally old enough and have enough motivation, I shall go and get one. Maybe  at WH Smith? I mean, they sell manga and stationary there. And I love manga and stationary! Also, I wonder if I worked there, I'd get a staff discount on their products. Duhh-- of course I would!!

My big sister who I shall now refer to as Onee-chan( or Mavis or Hovis or Mae or Mai) recently quit her job and is currently in York handing our CV's to different places so she can get a new job.

Is it obvious today's main topic is money? I tried to be sly about it... but did not succeed. Never mind. Speaking of money, my allowance has been cut in half because I don't do any housework properly. NOOOOOOOOOO. This means the dreaded  "saving up". But I still get a fair amount compared to my friends I guess. Pahaha, you thought I was going to tell you how much I get? No chance. No way I'd tell a bunch of strangers.

It's £25 a month by the way. Guck. I know   -__-

And now I'm determined to finish my holiday homework that has been gradually piling up over Spring Break... I guess I really should have done it earlier, but I was out for most of this week. And I've been out most of this week. I actually didn't mean to.

I mean, asking my friend, Keri(Kei-chan) to sleep on Sunday at late notice was intentional, and her staying for the rest of that day was too.

But I didn't mean to stay at her house that evening. Nor did I intend to spend the whole Tuesday there too... which proceeded to me going to Water World( a swimming park) with her. 

THEN the next day I was due to go to someone elses house, then I stayed until the afternoon... and I know I should have done it when I got home, but I was hungry and tired(not really surprising).

And before I knew it BAM it was Friday and I had a mountain of homework to do in three days. Which is easy for motivated people. But I lack that.

So knowing me, I'll just watch anime, and replay shows on BT Vision, then go read manga and listen to music... and then it'll be Sunday and I'll be prattling on about how I should have done it in time.

I know that will happen because it has happened for the past two years now -__-

ANYWAYS!!! Hope you enjoyed reading my life story. And Hope you enjoyed ignoring my story when your eyes skimmed over it on the home page which means you wont actually be reading this part of my story which also means... never mind.

The End

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