I'll Be Your Isis

Osiris was locked up, caged in his box
Confined by a world that couldn't embrace him
Captive of expectation and demand
Shut away from the light of the day
But he escaped, thinking he could live his life

His escape could never be allowed though
The world wanted to hold him down
If he couldn't be caged, there was only one solution
Only one thing could stop him forever
Osiris had to die

Osiris was broken, cut into pieces
The sword was sharp and did its job well
The pieces were scattered, separately he was undone
Fractured he was nothing but blood and bone
He was no more, nothing and no one

But Isis believed, she could not live without him
And so she gathered each little section
Assembling the pieces, she put him together
Stitches she used to hold them in place
Isis remade the man she loved

Pieces were missing but she did the best she could
She replaced with gold what she could not find
He lived again, whole although damaged
Never again perfect, never unscarred
And yet she loved him all the more

Let me be Isis to you, put you together
I see the pieces, the cracks in between
I'll sew you together, stitch up the wounds
I know that you're broken but you don't have to be
I will be Isis if you are Osiris

The End

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