Like Marble

Here she stands, perfect in ivory
Frozen forever for his adoration
Unchanging, uncaring, high on her pedestal
Worshipped, adored, but never truly loved

Pygmalion stands below her, admiring his work
Self-congratulations he heaps on his shoulders
Her beauty is matchless, every line perfect
Not a fault to be found

And so he professes his undying devotion
Her perfection overwhelming all his restraint
In adoration he caresses her feet
And never once sees that she's crying inside

For alone she stands, high on her pedestal
Frozen forever, unable to breathe
He sees her perfection, but could never love her
Not as a woman, a self on her own

His longing is heard, his desires are granted
She parts her lips and colour flushes her cheeks
Her eyes meet his and for a moment she hopes
Perhaps he could learn to see the woman inside

He tells her he loves her, she longs to believe
His hand cups her cheek and her hope shines forth
She is all he has longed for, all he desires
Perhaps he will allow her to tread on the earth

But then nature takes over, imperfections win out
She stumbles and falls to her knees
Perfection is marred by the dirt on her skin
No longer the marble but streaked now with blood

In his mind's eye, she stands, still on the pedestal
Beauty and grace of unequaled preeminence
While she lies bruised and bleeding there before him
A statue granted life, perfection imperfected

He sees only marble while her heart beats in her chest
Thoughts and fears whirl behind eyes that now blink
She understands truly that he'll never see her
Only the stone that he carved in a semblance of life


The End

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