Icarus Girl

This is a twist on the myth of Icarus and Deadalus. When we choose to fly too close to the sun, there are consequences. Not just for us, but for those around us. Those we leave behind when we tumble to the earth.

She found someone, the Icarus Girl
Someone who made her want to fly
But her wings hadn't grown, couldn't fly on her own yet
Too excited to wait, she built wings from feathers and wax
There was no thought for what might happen
These false wings were the best she could give herself
And so, with him, she jumped from the cliff
She took the plunge
And she soared

With him by her side she tested her wings
Together they lifted slowly up from the ground
The two of them flying, testing their wings
His were fragile, only newly grown
Hers were but feathers and wax
On they flew, the warmth of the Sun calling them upward
She followed his lead, swooping and diving
Where he feared to fly too high, she had to try more
She flew higher and higher
Seeking the heat of the sun

Poor Icarus Girl

Just like Icarus, she flew too close to the Sun
Forgetting her wings weren't real, only feathers and wax
She wasn't ready to fly, but she did it anyway
The Sun melted the wax, and the feathers fell away
For a moment she hung, suspended in air
So close she could nearly touch the Sun
And then she was left, a girl without wings
Unable to fly, not ready to soar
Down fell the Icarus Girl

She forgot in her haste that her landing would matter
He tried to catch her but he couldn't save her
His wings were too new, and he was left battered and broken
She fell to the sea, the wave reaching high
He tumbled after her, bleeding and torn
Soaked in salt-water, he mourned the Icarus Girl
The one who wanted to fly but tore him from the sky in the end
Her fall brought him down
He drowned where she fell

Poor boy who loved the Icarus Girl


The End

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