i wish to call you a man, but why dont you understandMature

its for someone, someone that makes me feel undiscribable, but confuses me, and i just hate him but at the same time i love him, and i wish he would be a man and not a boy, stop being immature and realize if he wants to be in my life he must be worthy of me

why? why do you do this to me, you think i am blind, that i cannot see, all the things you try to hide from me. im smart, i know, ill figure it out,  you may try your hardest to fill me with doutb, the one thing you dont understand, is ME, i stand my ground, always have and always will, just tell me the truth, be honest, dont worry, im not offended that easy ,just spill. i listen i learn i try to understand, but i hope to live to the day, i can call you a MAN

The End

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