I Will Veil You in Black Lace

Penned by one of society's most destructive yet most beloved guest.

I will veil you in black lace.

I will wrap my fragile fingers around your soul and make you promises that only I can fulfill. Weightless. In control. Perfect. My child, just you wait...I will show you things you cannot even comprehend.

No, no, no! Do not look away! Only I can satisfy this hunger within you, this hunger for beauty! They will tell you that you are beautiful...this is not so, my child, my dear, my...victim.

As your weight decreases, your feelings for me will become an oxymoron: LOVE for how skinny you are becoming,HATRED for the fact that deep down...you know you are far from "in control." Yet whenever you feel agony, or anger, or even nothing at all, you will run to me. And darling, I will welcome you with outstretched arms and "comfort" you.

Oh, the irony. I am the very thing which destroys you, yet...you would give up everything in the world, just to keep me.

People speak of recovery, and if you are truly honest with yourself, you might find that there is a hint of desire for recovery within you. But do not pay attention to that! As I continue to spin my silvery web around you, you must remember: I AM YOU. They might tell you otherwise, but do NOT listen to them. And though the web becomes tighter and tighter, choking out every bit of life within you and cutting you off from the rest of the world, do NOT lose sight of my face. I will suck your life away...but you must believe it's worth it. You really do believe it's worth it, don't you? Ah, your naivete will keep you from struggling...

My dear, I shall veil you in black lace, and I shall slowly grasp for your soul. And when you think you are beginning to succeed, I will reach for your fragile neck and take your final breath away.

They call me anorexia nervosa.

Who are my children, you may ask?

My children know me.

You know who you are.

The End

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