I was already deadMature

The title tells it all.
I was already dead when they found me


I was already dead once they arrived.

After all why should I be alive?

Nobody heard my screams,

They ignored my bruises.


They just thought they came about the same way that all other children get them,

They were so wrong.


Daddy beat me,

Mommy hated me,

My brother hurt me in other ways.


No longer was I a child.

Now I became a slut,

A thing,

Something that can be found in the trash


That night,

My last night,

I cried,

I hid

I begged for mercy


And the beatings continued through dawn

Then I was left alone in the basement

Until someone noticed I was gone



I bled to death,

That is what the coroner decreed,

I died from injuries sustained from six years of hurt

He was right

But nothing came of it,

No conviction,

No trial

No prison


No person was willing to come forward

Too caught up in their own lives to care about justice

“Not enough evidence”


So now I’m dead

Daddy is allowed to adopt


He cries and pretends to be shattered about my loss

Mommy wears black,

My brother talks about me in sweet ways.

But only because they are expected too

Not because they feel anything about me

I am dead,

They killed me

“I deserved it”


They start again with other children

Even after three counts against him

He was still let free

“Not enough evidence”


If only they hadn’t come for me after I was already dead

Then there would be enough evidence


But nobody cares


After all,

A hangover is more important than me,

As the drunk who saw me thrown naked into the front yard proves


After all,

A taxi is more important than me,

As the man who saw me but didn’t stop to help proves.


After all.

What happens on the other side of the fence is not any bodies business.

As the next door neibors prove.

Who heard all my screams for help for all six years but didn’t think anything of it.



And nobody cares


There are no photos,

No newspapers,

Just another child that died at the hands of someone who is supposed to care for me.

Just another statistic


My death is nothing out of the ordinary

And for that I wish

That not another has to go through what I did


No other should have done to them what happened to me

Nobody else should die without ever knowing happiness

No other should have to sleep on cold concrete, naked.

No other should have to face my father

But he still walks free


My death is lost in the commotion of the world.

Not important,

Nothing new.


And my name?

I don’t have one.


Simply because they believe nothing can be done about it

Little do they realise.

Just by saying a few words

They could have saved my life.


Who am I


Because nobody thought to help

The End

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