I Told Them

Chorus Once

Nobody thought I could do it

They said it was impossible so don't try

But I aint hearing that

Kick myself into gear with a look in my eye

I told them I'd do it, I told them I would

I'll show 'em I'll make it, like I told 'em I would

So if they keep tryna hold me down

I'm gone be fighting till the end of my time


Verse One

I'll keep writing as I do and keep my keepers cool

There's nothing you can do, to steer me clear of this room

And I'll get in, I'll knock and knock

They better answer cos if not

I'll huff and puff you down

Straight into the keepers mouth

Hell yeah, look who's preaching now

Who's in reaching distance now?

Never been a fighter in my life and I don't plan on doing so

But if I have to fight for life, those morals go out the window

And I'm ready to fight ya, fight you and him and woah

I've let go, for my own, It's my show, so let's go

In control, of your soul and you'll choke if you don't

So let go, follow me

We'll show them everything we'll be

And what we can achieve

When they tiptoe with fakers feet

You're as fake as happiness

Making a habit of this

Now crawl back turns to scattering

Now fall back turns to mattering

And you matter to me but I don't matter to you

"Either way around, kid you're bound to lose"


Chorus Once


Verse Two

The end of my time is close and far

Each day I'll be hiding behind this mask

Because suspense builds and laughter kills

Each emotion chills out the thrills

I should replace haters with clowns, or how about

I just replace them with a face that is bound

To make the impression always needed there

First always lasts, nothing else can be compared

The motivation is strong and it came from them all

Every kick and every bruise was just another fall

But after years and years, I grew

I reached the highest peak and felt taller than tall

But what is tall? Because I am short

Tall is a word that describes your thoughts

I'm tall in my brains because words are just trains

Running over and over the track again, it's late

They pass me like lighting and get lost like a maze

This path is quite frightening but I mapped out the way


Chorus Twice



The End

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