I still love you ...

ah im not the type to tell people what really happens behind closed doors , but i write lyrics to tell what happens


I thought it was love we shared

I thought you were something different one that cared

The thought that you chose them over me

Breaks my heart in so many degree's

In my heart i knew you were real

But the look on your face i could tell it was lust you feel

Through all that i still love you , But it isnt what i want to feel.


Nobody made me smile like you

Carried my heart , crushed it too

Im in love with you what should i do?

When you dont love me , what else is there to-do.

Scenes of my life flashing by

Im only a girl already feeling like i dont want to survive.

Life is a journey , just take one step at a time.


Stupid of me to think you were different

I knew you before we got together , friends we stayed forever

Memories in my head that i will forever treasure

Why did i make the mistake of putting us together?

Two different people i see in my eyes, hidden from everyone only you inside

Only giving my heart to you , my feelings grew and i didnt what them to

unable to control my feelings, lost in your eyes a new feeling arised

Tried to walk away from you , but the more i was away the more i felt.



Im finally over you , you call me 3 am

Its over between me and you

I hope i dont find anyone else like you

Its like opening a wound that i buried in my heart

But deep inside i know we will never be apart

Silly of me to answer the phone

Here we go again


I still ...

I still ...

I still ...

I still love you









The End

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