I Speak Psychopath

This would be about the end of term, and my Prom last night.

One week holds
One and a half days
Come this time
I'll be gone, right here
Last night made the day
Highlight hangs in a dark room
Pretense held my greatest
Between pink and punk
I'll miss you
He strikes with no thought
Two from the seventh
The ones below us
Anarchistic books
I move with the closest
We fit no system
Leaving this place
So many laughs
So much hatred
Start where I leave
Hard to comprehend the distance
This size is unprecedented to before
We start over
At least I have a chance
And I leave those who don't
Change comes quickly
Terror wraps me up
Plans need rectifying
The closest hangs by
We cheated
We cheat
You are taking on the bloodstained
I've had this speech
I know who to say
Now one weeks stands between me

The End

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