I Scream For Life

I'm screaming out! Can you hear me? I'm calling out to the world, I'm praying for...no, I'm screaming for life. But yet I feel...NOTHING. I am numb. Numb to love, to laughter, to happiness, to emotion, to life. I stumble through the door to a brand new day, but in reality my day has not come yet. Day is dead for me, I live in night, in darkness. Though life passes me by I seem to go through it without a second glance. Will I ever feel yet? I'm screaming out for you, for life, for help. Please help me...please help me. I scream for life, a life to feel for, a life to live. Will one be given to me? Will feelings find me? Will I ever be found here in the dark? Can I brought to life?

The End

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