I refuse to brush my teeth.Mature

I have promised myself and my teachers and half of the world that I will write my life story and turn it into some kind or film.
I have been paralysed since the age of 11. My ability to tell stories and move people with words has emerged from this awkwardly inconvenient incident of life.
I started writing it in the summer, with my teacher but it depressed me...was too soon. And then I went and met David Tennant which totally messed up the ending! I still don't know how it's going to end, how i

Mid-morning – May 2005 – A children’s ward at Alder Hey: D3

The curtains (bright green, blue and yellow with star fish and sea horses on them) around beds and over windows are open but only the blue frustrating sky can be seen from the view of a girl in a wheelchair trapped on the 3rd floor.
The ward has a quiet and cheerful air about it. The nurses are wandering about carelessly, refilling juice jugs and chatting at the nurses’ station.
Laura’s bed is at the end of the ward, opposite Olivia; a 6 year old girl who has been in hospital for the same amount of time, recovering from a stroke and brain surgery of a tumour that has caused her to become almost completely blind. They have a bond and both their families support and get on with each other, openly disliking the way the hospital/ward is run.
Laura, Olivia, a girl with eczema, a boy suffering from burns, a 2 year old with downs syndrome, William, and a young boy with an unknown but severe disability, in the bed next to Laura, are the patients present on the ward. 2 or 3 beds are empty.
Everyone is content and ready for the day ahead accept for Laura.
She is sat, bolt up right in her chair that has a glass of water and toothbrush on its detachable tray, next to her bed, arms folded, hair plaited, refusing to brush her teeth.
Her Dad is sat on the large visitor chair, at the foot of her bed, sighing and reading the Liverpool echo.
Her Mum is stood over her, pleading her to do as she is told.

Brush your teeth.


Come on, brush them. You’ll be late.

I don’t care.

looks up from paper
Laura! Brush your bloody teeth, your gonna make a scene.

No, I’m not. I’m sick of this stupid place, I’m not doing what anyone says.

(To Dad) She won’t do them.

She better!

Shut up! You stupid fat idiot!

Slaps Laura’s face

Parents , patients and nurses all look over to Laura’s bed.

Knocks plastic cup of water off tray
(half screaming) I’M NOT DOING THEM!

Yes you bloody well are!
Puts toothpaste on toothbrush, tries forcing them into her mouth.

Laura pushes, with all her strength (pathetic in motion, mighty in emotion), away to the middle ground between her own and Olivia’s bed space.
She begins to lash out, hurling her arms around, screaming.
The entire ward is staring, dazed, confused and shocked. Mum still tries to attempt to control her with the toothbrush.
Dad puts the paper down, stands up, walks to the nurse’s station.

I’m not doing them! I’m not doing anything! I can’t do anything! I can’t go anywhere! Stop telling me what to do, stop keeping me here, stop treating me like I’m some sort of mental case. I just want to move my stupid legs and they won’t, (tries to pull tray from her chair) fucking move!
I’m going fucking crazy!!!
Mum backs away
Dad walks to Mum
2 Nurses approach, half shocked, half scared.
(To herself and the nurses)
Everyone’s telling me what to do, when I can’t even tell my own stupid legs to move! They won’t listen, I’m not listening!!!

I wanna Kick, I wanna run, I wanna feel, I wanna be tickled and kick you in the face, but...I...C-A-N-‘-T.
Notices the entire ward watching her, looks at them all through tears of anger.
And you can all...Fuck Off!
Ye, I’m 11 and I swear!
I just wanna stand up at a stupid sink and brush my teeth, like a...like a...normal me.
Anger turns into sadness, she sobs into her own arms.
(Looks up to Mum and Dad)
I don’t care anymore, I really don’t.

Mum hugs her and begins to sob.

 Dad collects the toothbrush, cup and toothpaste off the floor, takes them to clean them at the sink

Nurse bends down, smiling kindly.

I’ll go and get Dr Ben.

Laura and Mum stay in the middle of the ward, hugging, Mum wipes her own and Laura’s tears away with a tissue.

The End

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