University Life, two

University Life
or, why 24-hour Walmarts are wonderfully awful

It was pointed out to me that the phrase "wonderfully awful" is an interesting choice of words. Note that it is not "awfully wonderful:" that would be overwhelming positive, no? Rather, I wrote it with "awful" as the adjective, "wonderfully" as the adverb. Curious.

I have a love-hate relationship with Walmart. I love how I can go there and buy most of my groceries, a cheap undershirt, and a couple $5 DVDs to satiate me for the weekend. I hate how I can't go inside without buying something. It's been said before that Walmart is my kryptonite. I would agree.

So, one December evening I was not so happily writing a term paper. December is, after all, the end of term, so that's when all the big papers are due. It's also the holiday season, which means that some of the super-giant stores offer their products for purchase all day, all night, every day besides Christmas. I mean, who knows when you'll need a can of cream corn from Safeway?

Well I wasn't feeling the essay vibe, but I still wanted to be productive. The solution?

"Screw term papers. I'm baking a cake."

The problem: I had no cake baking supplies. The solution: Walmart!

I rounded up one of my room mates and two of his friends. One of them had a car, so we all piled into her car and drove off to Walmart. Might I add that it was about 1 in the morning.

Walking into Walmart, I knew that I had goals: cake mix, eggs, icing sugar. I had the rest at home. All I needed were those three things. Three things. Three things. It became my mantra.

Next thing I knew, I was at the checkout paying for about $40 worth of groceries, and probably a DVD or two. And a couple pairs of socks. I failed utterly (which I am now sensing to be a recurring theme).

Groceries, movies, and "essential" pieces of clothing in hand, I went home. The four of us stayed up until close to 3AM mixing, baking, icing, and eating our cake. This is what university life is about (if not drinking): the freedom to go out and bake cakes whenever you please. It's a liberating experience, until you have to do dishes. But we left those 'cause we "didn't want to make too much noise and wake the people above us." Riiiiiiight.

And because it's a very important detail, it was a lemon cake with vanilla icing and a raspberry/strawberry sauce. Yah, we're gourmet like that.

The End

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