I, Myself .... and Me?

This is what happens when Spooky has too much chocolate ...

Something tells me that wasn’t such a good idea ... eugh, chocolate overdose. Why do I keep doing this?

Because it’s tasty. Very very tasty.

True, but it makes me ill!

Who cares, it’s worth it. Besides, I’m going for a run tomorrow, so I can feel virtuous and pretend it never happened. And technically it doesn’t count, because it came from someone else’s plate.

Hehe, diet just gone straight out of the window then?

Diet? What diet?

I just typed “died”.  That was clever.

Special child.

Blech. Anyway, running tomorrow ... ah dammit, this means I have to fish out my running shoes doesn’t it? Urk, I really ought to get those things out of the garage – I don’t care if they’re muddy, I’m not leaving in there to get buried under all that rubbish again. Gods know I’ve damaged myself digging them out every time.

Then again, I managed to damage myself getting out of bed this morning. Definitely need to think about scrapping the bunk bed – whacking one’s head on the ceiling is probably not terribly good for one’s mental capacities.

But it’s a bed! With a ladder!

... Where did that come from?

I won’t ask.

Whoa , definitely too much chocolate. I look slightly pregnant. About ... three months in perhaps? Less if I lie flat – ooh, my hips are bony things! – hehehe, the world looks funny upside down. Though my dressing gown looks no less sinister. It looks like a dementor.

A blue and purple polka-dotted dementor. Terrifying.

Oh yeah, if I were wearing boots I would be quaking in them.

Thank you, Lieutenant Sarcastic. And what have you done with Captain Obvious?

I ate him.

Well that was clever of you.

What can I say, I’m full of such intelligent comments.

*Cough cough.*

Well you’re hardly one to talk.

What are you insinuating?

That you’re thick.

Really? I never would have guessed.

Look who’s being sarcastic now.

Bite me.


Ouch! Not literally you dimwit!

Dimwit! You’re the one who just bit their own finger.

I wouldn’t have done if you weren’t so damned annoying!




Wobble-faced dinglejitz.

.... What?

Don’t ask.

I worry about you sometimes.

So do I.


... Who am I talking to again?

The End

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