I Miss You As Much Now As Then

We shared our youth and innocence. You were always ready to go out and play regardless of the weather.  You were there as others came and went. Solid as a rock. Never judging, just observing.

The best part of each day was seeing you. You were my friend, my partner in crime. Always ready and willing to just go for a walk and listen to me. Your presence was a blessing and a comfort. I felt safe when you were around, like nothing could harm me.

You were always by my side. Through thick and thin you stood by me. You understood me more than anyone, and I think I understood you. I loved you with all my heart and I’m sure you loved me too.

But then you had to go. You grew up quicker than I.

We said our long goodbyes. I knew what was coming, as I’m sure you did, even though you were never told.

You had to leave. I didn’t want you to but you had to.

I know where you are yet I cannot visit. I would give anything for one more day at your side. One more day of unbounded joy and love.

But that cannot be.

I watched the last light of life flicker out from your eyes, saw your life drain away.

I held you as you went cold.

Felt your heart stop beating against your chest.

Wished it was a movie and the hero could save you. But there was no hero.

Just me now. On my own.

An icy void in my chest where my broken heart lay in pieces.

I wished for it to stop beating too. So I could be cold with you.

The End

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