i love youMature

this song i wrote with robert,or known as shikarifan :)
and i love it so much :) P.S. i love the last three lines :) x

verse 1-

you knew you were going to do that
make me fall for you
like i was running my second lap
come into my dreams again
as i take a nice long nap
dont set me free
im enjoying myself in your trap
could you set me back to those days
when we frist met
can you remember our frist kiss
do you know i cant stop dreaming of your lips
and could you take me forward
where we'll be
forever in abyss
do you know i cant stop reminsing about your hips
can i have another kiss

as our coulours imbue
hope you know i really miss you
when i see you
im going to kiss you
and then give you some of this too
oh i cant stop falling for you
tell me what am i going to do
when i see you

verse 2-
when my eyes gazed on yours
i was yours from the start
and you smiled back at me
and put warmth in my heart
the thought of us not being together
tore me apart
this is why im telling you through this song
the words that are in my heart
to express how i feel
and how you are a big deal
and that to me you are a work of art
you make my life ful of stars
cause to me thats what you are

verse 3-
i cant fully explain my almost certain love for you
but please help me find out why
when i look for all the cules
cause without you
i cant find whats in my view
maybe its you
something we both already knew
3 words that are overdue
maybe those 3 words
might be
i love you

The End

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