I know that I'm not person to all of you

This is all about my life and my situation. It's all about being discouraged by my family and friends. Not supporting me in everything that I do. Backstabbing me in every way that they can just to prove that they can be stronger than me in everything. And Bullying and Cyberbullying me in all ways. And I hope, as you read my story I hope you'll learn a very important lesson.

As the years passed by, I discovered that some people who are closest to me encourages me to dance, sing, draw, play volleyball, and etc. Then I started to ask myself why did they always do that to me? I know what I have to do. But Why? Is it because that they just want to make fun of me through everything that I do? To ruin my reputation? To Embarrase me in front of many people? Sadly, it's a yes.Then I realized that I'm a gullible person. I'm so Angry at that time knowing that people are like that. Even though I make them smile, laugh, and giggle They kept on backstabbing me, telling a fake story about me, bullying and cyberbullying me, and other bad things. I started to think again why are some people sooo... Judgemental when it comes to me? and if it's my brother or sisters they'll always have a positive feedback but for me they don't. They just have to tell the truth to me and i'll never get angry to them. It's because saying those things to me can make me be a better me and to also improve myself. So why are they afraid?


The End

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