I Hope Nobody Reads This!

I wonder how many words are poured out from a soul, placed on paper (or cyberspace), and are never read by another soul.  I would suspect that ratio of the words written to the words read is immense.

Walk into a bookstore and measure the mileage of books on those acres of shelves.  Then imagine the inventory of words back in the storeroom.    In this age of word processing the written word has become a deluge.  And with all that creativity, who is reading.

Back in the 18th century, publishing houses used to go searching for potential authors.  The work was  so labor intensive that authors were few and far between.  But nowadays, a typical literary agent specializing in fiction will receive on average two hundred queries a week, ten thousand per year, and out of all those possibilities maybe one hundred might then submit a couple of chapters, and out of those, a couple of dozen may be read in full.

So I propose that those who dare write words here on Protagonize enter into a covenant to read five words of other writers for every word we write.  This writing site has many splendid writers in the making, and these we need.  But writers have an even greater need for those who take the time to read their words.




The End

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