If I typed a single sentence, would you mind guessing what I might also type, assuming, "I haven't told you the best part!?"

This is a mere note in progress, perhaps destined to be a super short story, creativity booster, or other form of exercise in improvisational collaboration I just might invent. there is no wrong answer, period. We just want to know, as the title says, what you might guess, "Is the best part?"

Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me give a big welcome to our next pair of performers, straight from somewhere out in the audience, give it up for _______ and _______!

As you both probably know, this is an easy icebreaker round, wherein one of you, at random, is asked to type a short phrase, or even a sentence, on the laptop in front of you, taking care, as we like to remind you, to leave out the best part!  The audience can see what you left out, and can win big money if they don't spill the beans while your partner types in their best guess.  There is no such thing as a wrong answer, but remember, the quicker your prompting sentence makes the audience spill the beans, the more money you and your partner will win!

The End

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