I Have To Stop: a Freudian inner monolougeMature

A dark room; a girl sitting on a small bed, dark, only illuminated by a computer screen, with a blinking cursor on a blank document. This is Ego.

Two semi-transparent women sitting in either corner of the room, on either side of the door. The one on the left side is an adult woman, an older version of Ego. This is Superego.

On the right side is a gothic female, in her early twenties, the same as the girl on the computer. This is Id.

[Written on the computer screen]: I saw him tonight. We hung out, had a great time. I really, really ---

Superego: You can't like him.

It doesn't matter that he's funny, smart or adorable, in that weird little way of his.

You got hurt before.

And it started the same way.

Exactly the same.

You can't go getting crushes on guys just because they're nice to you.

He was nice to you, and he broke your heart.

It wasn't that long ago.

You're not over it.

Id: But, you've matured since he broke you, if only just a little.

You're stronger now; smarter.

You know that he isn't worth it, although that doesn't make it stop hurting like hell.

But - this new one, he's different, isn't he?

Superego: How can you be sure?  How can you be sure of anything, anymore? Don't put yourself in that position Ego,You don't need him, you don't need any guy.

Id: Just be his friend. It could turn into more, there's definate potential.

Ego: Fuck that word, 'potential'. He and I had potential, everyone saw it. And he emotionally crushed me.

Superego: Tchnically, that's what happened with him. He never saw what the two of you had as a relationship, regardless of how far it went.

Id: Hell, it didn't even go that far - get over him - move on. This one's different.

Ego: Sorry, I just don't believe you.

Superego: Well, regardless, you've gotta get over him before you can so much as consider liking the new one.

Id: You're fucked up, and someone new is what you need.

Ego: If I acknowledge that I'm fucked up, does that make me less fucked up?

Id, Superego: No.

Ego: Just...shut up, both of you. I need some time to think about this.

[Turns to computer screen and begins to type]

If my consience can't come to a good decision, this obviously isn't worth it. I'm just not ready. Even if I want to be.

The End

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