I Don't Want A Goodbye

It's about a couple who have to under go a lot. =P Well, mostly the main character, Morgan, since Alexander is in a coma.

        Morgan unlocked the door, and was greeted by the same safe feeling she always got when she arrived home. She easily kicked off her shoes by the door, and placed her bag on the couch. Sunlight streamed through the open windows, casting it's presence on her face. It's warm cast only added onto her happy glow. Life was good. It wasn't perfect in the way that nothing went wrong, nor that there were no obstacles to overcome. But it was perfect in the way that she couldn't wish for more. That everything felt how it should.

     That feeling of ease and comfort would soon be brought to a halt. The young woman's fingers lightly pressed the play back button on the answering machine on her way into the kitchen. BEEP. And the first message began, one from her younger sister, Emma. Morgan had missed her call while she was at work, and her fifteen year old sister simply asked her to call back. She didn't sound upset, and so the young lady decided it would be okay if she unwound a bit before calling back. Lightly she stepped past the table, dropping off the mail she had picked up on her way home.

   Stomach grumbling quietly, she made her way to the fridge, the second message announcing itself with another Beep. But this time, the voice was one she didn't recognize. It was one of a woman, maybe younger than herself. At first she began with saying who she was, who she worked for, and where she was calling from. Morgan had opened the fridge, and pulled out a cold ice tea and a bowl of fruit salad left from a pick nick a few days back. She settled into her chair, fork in hand, and slowly began to eat. However, she wasn't very hungry anymore. The woman said she was a receptionist calling from the local hospital.

   This information made her stomach uneasy, and she listened, trying to calm herself before she went crazy. Pushing away her food, she picked up her mail instead. The recording paused, then continued, somewhat unsure. Only half of Morgan was paying attention to the mail in her hands, which she flipped through, assuming it was either bills or junk-mail. The name "Tyler Carver", however, made her set the letter aside for later. Her full attention was now focused on the answering machine. "Uh.. I'm not allowed to give any information over the phone, but it does concern your fiancee, Alexander. If this is indeed who you are, please call back asap, or come into the hospital. You can get more information then." There was a sharp click as she hung up.

   Morgan hadn't realized she had been holding her breath - she inhaled sharply, the air seeming to pierce her lungs. It was about Alexander. Her Alex. Her seemingly peaceful world seemed to shake under her feet. She fought to control her imagination. It could be something small, right? Alex wasn't late yet, he worked too. She didn't need to expect him for another half hour or so... Maybe it was a prank call. She hoped, prayed it was a prank call. But her gut wouldn't be settled. Hands shaking nervously, she put her food in the sink, and hurried to the door, hardly remembering to grab her bag on her way out the door. She was going to the hospital.

    Once she had managed to get situated in the car, she pulled out of the garage, door closing behind her. Morgan's hands were shaking the slightest as she drove on the roads she had known since she was a little girl. If you asked her, she could probably tell you the names of most people who lived there. It was also a small, cozy sort of neighborhood. That's why she didn't want to move once she was old enough to live on her own - she had talked Alex into the idea of hiring people to design and build their own home. Of course it wasn't cheap, but with the money from Alex's doctor career, and her short says working in the office of a well known company, they made it happen.

    She had her dream home, her dream fiancee - everything just fell into place. But now she couldn't help but think everything was about to be knocked out of balance. Finally, after what felt like ages, she pulled into the Hospital parking lot. Morgan parked in the first free spot she could find, and quickly climbed out of her car. Hardly paying enough attention to lock it back up, she walked into the hospital, smells of cleaning agents reaching her nose. With a small frown, she somewhat impatiently waited for an elderly couple to finish up at the front desk. The woman smiled at her gently, and Morgan forced a smile back. She didn't want to be rude, she was just upset and nervous. The woman seemed to know that, and patted her gently on the shoulder murmuring, "Good luck, Dear," Before following her husband into the waiting room.

    It was finally Morgan's turn. "I'm Alexander Ballot's fiancee - someone called and told me he was admitted... I came to see him." She cleared her throat, trying not to sound frightened or nervous. The nurse nodded, typing away on her computer. "Ballot, Alexander." She murmured, until she found his name listed. "Mhm - onto the elevator right there, first floor, room 213." Morgan said a soft thanks before going on her way. A bundle of nerves, she stood in front of the elevator, pressing the 'up' button. She waited, as patiently as she could, before the doors beeped open. No one else was in the elevator, so she had a few moments to pull herself together. She wanted to talk to Alex's doctor, after all.

    The room was easy to find - and luckily, the young woman had been able to put on a brave face. She walked stiffly into the room, looking around cautiously. She wasn't sure what to expect. When her eyes fell on Alex, who looked pretty battered, but awake, she felt more relieved than she had in a long time. With a big sigh, she rushed to his side. His eyes seemed to brighten, seeing her there. With a smile, he held his good arm toward her, and she leaned over to hug him, careful not to bump any wires or possibly hurt him. "You okay?" Morgan asked softly, trying to remain neutral about how to feel. She pressed her lips to his forehead before taking a step back and examining him more closely.

    His left arm was limp at his side, covered in bandages, and there was a small cut on his cheek, right below his baby blue eye. When he moved his head to look toward the door, his hair fell away to reveal a stitched gash right below his hair line. But that didn't seem to be it. Alex moved carefully, as if in pain. She felt tears sting in her eyes. She didn't want to see him like this. He finally turned those pretty eyes on his wife-to-be. "Of course, Love." He smiled, though she knew he was lying. His eyes drooped sleepily, probably from all the medicine he had running through his veins.

    Morgan didn't say anything else. Her mask was failing, and she was afraid if she spoke she could not cover up her fear. If Alex didn't already know how scared she was, that is. One look into those eyes, and she knew he could see through it. With a small sigh, she reached for his hand, mask falling away. It was no use to try and pretend around him. He always knew, which was just another thing she loved about him. His hand, unusually cold, held hers tightly. "It'll be okay, I promise. I'll come back to you always." She smiled at his words, but felt tears spill from her eyes. Why did those words make it seem like he was dying, despite his promise to be with her?

    Some time along the line, Alex's doctor had entered the room. Too upset to be embarrassed caught crying by a stranger, she turned gently, hand still in her fiancee's. "So what's wrong?" Morgan asked, voice cracking. The doctor offered a small smile, "Four broken ribs, a bad gash on the arm and head - stitches for both. Cuts, bruises, the usuals from a car crash." He seemed to wonder what to say next. His eyes strayed to Alex, and back to Morgan. She followed his eyes, watching as her lover drifted to sleep. She gently brushed his hair from his eyes, looking at him lovingly.

    "Will he be okay?" Was all she could manage, forcing her eyes back to the kind doctor. "Well... He hit his head, pretty hard. We think the gash is nothing compared to what may be going wrong inside his head. There may be some bleeding, a concussion... We're not sure yet. He just got back from testing before you got here." He ran a hand through his hair nervously, and for the first time Morgan realized just how young he was. Maybe younger than her - and yet he had to give her this heartbreaking news. "He could go into a coma - it's very likely, actually... And I don't think there's anything to prevent it... But we can't know for sure, not until I run down and check the results... Your welcome to come with me."

    Before Morgan could leave her beloveds side, she kissed him and squeezed his hand tightly, maybe for the last time. No. She wouldn't - she couldn't - think that way. Forcing bad thoughts from her head, she followed the doctor.

The End

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