Rot AloneMature

The darkness had consumed him whole. Trapped in a sea of lonly and a land of hellish darkness. Slowly tring to crawl away to God know where. With every aganizing moment he felt a small bit of relife. Atleast he didn't survive. He would have bean up to his balls in shit head first. A small flame appered at the end. When he saw this light he felt a suden strangth enter him. He strugled to his feat and begain to hobble to the scarlite light. A slime begain to fill under his feat. As he grew closer to the flame he saw that this flame was a pool of blood. Dark scarlit blood begain to go from the walls onto his body. He was being trapped by this gore and was drowning. As he fell the light vanished. As he sat collapsied on the ground he saw a door like object infront of him. He went up and looked thrue a crack which lit the room. He saw a rose. A dark rose; he opened the door to grab this butiful object but just as he clapsed his hand around it a curved light of silver slit him open.

The finil blow.

The End

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