The darkest nights part 2Mature

(Im going to fix the spelling latter=D  )

A slow painful death came for this young man. Blood trikled from his chest wich had bean grusimly ripped open. The slow drips of life being draind and death filling that void. Hell just waiting to swollow them up but he was s till alive. Maby he ccould craw to safty. With each limb flaily to the next spot he begain loose sight. He looked down to see that he had crawled onto a patch of rose. Red and grean flowers that prick to the touch yet show great love. This flower begain to rip his insides. Blood coated the flowers makeing them darker,eviler.The ominis flower begain to wilt from all of the blood wich had flowed onto ground. he fell into a limb within his mind. A shit hole wich he knew he could not exscape.

Darkness was all that remained.

The End

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