The darkest nightsMature

"Damn it, john is that you? If it is can you please just come out. You know I am tired of you pulling shit like this on me!"

Despite his best effort to stay composed he began to loose himself like a mouse in a maze. He begins to spray light from his torch in hopes to find the source of the horrid sounds. The lights in his brain begin to dim as he hobbled towards a wet looking blob. AS he neared it he saw nothing but a bloodied corpse, freshly killed, life taken by the dark night. He knew he had to be surreptitious with the body for the group was his responsibility.

"Fuck! How the hell did this happen!" Death was coming yet he knew not where it could come from. A cracking noise cut the air like a hot knife through butter on a summers hottest day. He could not stop the monster that had come for him. This man was frozen in his place; not able to move only knowing what would happen next. death.

The End

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