I Used to Not Do Poetry

I used to not do poetry
'Till 'bout a month ago
I said that I sure stink at verse
It just refused to flow.

But when I said I don't do verse
A comment in reply
Said I wouldn't get better'f'I 'voided it
That is, if I didn't try.

My inner imp considered this
And took it as a dare
I would pound out a poem a day
Give it some loving care.

But if they stunk with sappiness
(As I "knew" they would)
I warned them all, but if they 'lapsed
Listened to me y'should('ve).

Eighteen days and twenty poems
Showed me that I was wrong.
Guess I'm alright with rhyme and verse
Cinquain, sonnet, and song.

So careful when you say the words
"I don't do poetry."
You never know what someone'll say
What they will make you see:

You may find out upon a chance
You just might be pretty good
At stringing rhymes into fine lines,
All 'long, write poetry you could.

The End

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