I Broke our vows

seperation between subject and his maker

I quite remember when we said our vows,

The Joy and the peace that walked through my heart.
It was a pleasant hurricane.
For about time infinite in the moment I had sailed the entire sea 7x.

At least that was the feeling.
I was special.
My life was a tapestry. So beautiful.
Your promises were that of a child. So sincere.
I meant the fullness of creation to you. I always have.
Your love indeed was and is pure.
Stainless and spotless without blemish.
You gave me myself forgetting I still belonged to you....
Oh no u did not forget.!!!
That was the manifestation of the love you have always been.
You cut me loose and set me free despite my weakness.
I know u believed I’d come back like a dove.

This unmeasurable love, unimagined and unequally matched

beyond the mental abilities of anything living.
You are the life I am, without which I'm nought. My source….

I walked through this earth a married being, with the light on my forehead like a hunter.
The beacon that illuminated my very soul was you.
I felt the breeze of the land and it was tasty.
I touched the conductor that sucked out the charges that kept the light shining.
I loved it.
How could I have resisted??
I was fragile and sensitive and I thought you would understand.
How selfish and ungrateful of me.
I’m so ashamed.
I know I promised; but all that didn't matter anymore.
I kept touching till the rays grew weaker and weaker.
Its purpose gone!
Now the light is gone and I’m all alone.
I broke your heart♥ , I boke our vows.
I made Dante's mistake; tripped and fell to the ground.
Mine was shame.
Humpty Dumpty's was pain.
Will the nine circles be punishment enough?.

I want to blame you for letting me go but I know I'll be sounding like a hypocrite.
What happened to us??
Please say something.
You faded.....
I can feel the guilt , the pain and the dungeon that isn't resting till it catches me, and locks me inside.
I'm lost , and I’m blind.
I hurt u so bad. I know.
I can only remember what we had.
More than a mother and her child.
So unique and true.
Reminiscing about the times we shared; Tears!!!...a lot of them flooding my eyes.
I know I mean everything in your eyes.

I’m all alone, lost without a compass.
I bath myself in the stench that triggers your allergies.
Yeah!! I wore sin like a cologne.
I did care but I was just selfish.
I stained what we had, threw it at your face and called it nothing.
Everything we built Is broken. Cos I broke them without hesitation.
I've mocked you, broken the backup bridge u told me about.
I married this sinful world.
Preaching the gospel according to sin and darkness.
And now I seek redemption.
I’m sorry Lord, forgive my adventurous selfish heart.
I’m sorry and I miss you so bad.
Take me home because you all I have.
Thank u for your love.
I love you.

The End

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