Love your world

Once you believe in yourself you wonder why it seemed so hard before.  When you look in the mirror you see your stretch marks as emotional scars. Proof that you made through, because something made you want to eat. Why did i eat that entire pie? What gaping hole was I trying to fill? It's too easy to say stop doing that and just patch up the f*** hole and it is a f*** hole. Once you turn down the bitterness in your own head, you notice the world isn't just  black or white. There isn't skinny or fat, Pretty or ugly. Life is collage of things and so are people. We are all cut up pictures , colors, and textures. I think that's what makes us interesting. Our flaws and once you accept your own.,you feel no need to look down on others or put them down. It's just natural to send out happy limegreen grooves into the world.

The End

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