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Fancy helping me out a little?

Right, so I am currently quite far on in the creation of my first self-published poetry book and I've suddenly had the idea that I want to include some of my favourite writers - you, the motley crew of protagonists that I've grown to know and love. 

My book is based on the theme of faith and whether you have it or not, or what you have it in. I want to keep this fairly original, so if one person says "God" I don't want a dozen replicas. Be original.

How does this work? There is a section in my book that I want to include you in (so don't write in this if you don't want to be included, if you do want to be included and I include you, you will be accredited.) This involves you, briefly, telling us about your beliefs, what makes you tick, what keeps you going, what makes you get up in the morning? is it love? Why? Each entry can only be 35 words long, so keep it simple. This is only likely to take up a two page stretch, so depending on how many entrants we get, and the quality of the work depends on whether your work will be entered - I will let you know if you do.

Why should you do this?

It's a fun challenge and it'd be really cool to get a group of protagonists together in a book (even if it is only brief). If you want to do it, just remember to include your name (if you want to remain anonymous, don't, but you might be entered into the book with no credit.)


That is all! Elzu

The End

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