I am First Nation [Rant]

Urban First Nation

I am First Nation

Hello, I am not poor, or rich...
I don't own a teepee or hunt, or own a bow-n-arrow.
And I don't know much people,
But I do know they're human and kind
I am not the youngest of my parents, I'm the oldest
I am not clever, or dumb

I could speak Carrier and English, Not Chinese
I am fun, not boring
I am creative, not lazy
I say 'Greetings', not Goodbye'... because it means forever
I shake with my peace hand, not my war hand
I respect myself and others
I am learning in a public school, not in a boarding school
I have friends, not enemies

I am PROUD to be First Nation; I wear my medicine pouch near my heart
I believe in eating bannock instead of killing someone
I believe in my leader and the Creator
I am happy to say 'Hello' to someone I don't know
I think the eagle is strong and brave, and think the frog is wise and relaxing

First Nations were the found in North America
Wore face paint when going in battle
Brave, strong, and showed no fear when confronted with it!
Hunted for food and survived through winter and stormy nights

My name is Wynona; meaning first born!!!
And I am First Nation.

Made By: Wynona Lee Louie
Age: 16
Made: Early 2009

The End

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