I Am Different

My melody has changed.

I am no longer just a few pages. I am an entire book, though as yet unfinished. I am deserving of being a whole story.

I am no longer just a clod of dirt. I am a tree, rising from the dirt to hold up the sky, later. Later when I'm older, wiser.

I won't always be the same. I can be different.

I am a potato plant.
I am the cloak of evening sunset.
I am a sprig of yarrow.
I am a  red currant bush.
I am a solitary hawk above a craggy mountain.
I am a biolumnescent eel.
I am a cactus in the desert.
I am a thin, worn-out rag.
I am a raspberry, green and tart.
I am a scratched CD.
I am a glass of vinegar.
I am an idea that comes right before sleep.
I am the shadow of a white cloud.

I am simply me, and I've found that my melody has changed.

But I am me, whether I'm different or the same.

I am me. I am me. I am-


The End

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