I Am, Me

I am those pages, the ones that you never forget.

The ones that linger behind your eyelids, long after those pages have been turned.

I am that clod of dirt, that one you never notice.

But the one that holds you up, unknowingly, just another clod of dirt.

I am that book, the one that makes you laugh, that makes you cry, that make you hurt and rejoice.

That leaves you to wonder, what was the point, but still draws you in.

I am that song that slows, and is then faster, though the melody changes little.

That unnotable difference, it changes, it forms the song that it holds.

I am the drive, to work or to school, that you wish you didn't have, but it calms.

That hypnotises you, pushing fear and worry to the back of your mind with a country drive.

That never wished to leave, but you are grateful nonetheless, for the beauty and serenity of it.

I am, me.

And my melody will never change, I will always be the same.

The End

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