I am Me

I am a early morning girl who loves a nice cup of tea,

I am a lover of animals and a fighter for there freedom,

I am a bunch of wild flowers that smell just perfect and are perfectly natural,

I am the burning flame of a candle,

I am the music that I listen to whenever I can,

I am the reader who can become over excited over a small thing in a book,

I am a writer that loves to just write becomes of what you can create,

I am the nights sky that sparkles with a million stars  that seem so beautiful when you look up at them,

I am the girl who always seems shy when you meet her but really has an amazing spirit (Which shows a lot on here),

I am the ocean waves that seem so breath taking when you seriously watch them,

I am the smell of freshly baked bread that just seems glorious when you take the first bite,

I am the baker of treats that always seem to be gone once I've got them out (I wonder where they went),

I am the girl who tries her best to be good but words always get taken in the wrong way and have to be explained,

I am Me and I'm Happy the way I am.

The End

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