I am

I'm the smell of a piping hot cup of coffee early in the morning,

I'm  a room full of purple things,

I'm a pair of hands with nails bitten to non-existence.

I'm the argument just to kill time and get excited.

I'm the text msg sent during a class,

and the one ignored while sleeping away to glory.

I'm 12 hours of sleep,dinner and then sleep again !

I'm a cell phone full of songs that i love,

an i-pod full of songs others love

and a laptop full of movies that no-one really loves :p

I'm a bunny-toothed grin,

I'm one of those things which r so gud they might as well be a sin :D

I'm lip-balms lying around after every 5 feet,

I'm the marimba beat !

I'm the nuttiest of chocolates you've ever had,

addictive and crazy,

I'm like a pug,hyper but lazy :p

The End

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