I am...

I am the voice of reason when you're mad.

I am the debating one, telling you you're wrong - even when you're right.

I am the one to defend you (in voice) when you need it.

I am mint choc-chip icecream on a warm summer's day.

I am the secret keeper.

I am my purple iPod....

....and all it's music.

I am the tone deaf one.

I am the ticker on that annoying clock that keeps you awake (haha).

I am the rain and lightening storms,

And the people dancing in them.

I am black converses.

I am the keeper of random facts.

I am still annoyed at sea gulls. ¬¬

I am my laptop.

I am the one that will run when she wants to.

I am the faster walker.

I am my messy handwriting.

I am my bad spelling mistakes.

I am my imagination.

I am the one with the huge smile.

I am the one you don't want to mess with, when in a mood.

I am the one who turns bright red and hides away when compliemented.

I am shy, believe it or not.

I am loud.

I am quiet.

I am, who I am.

I am me.

The End

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