I Am Here!

I am the puddle that’s deeper than it looks
I am the cold, faint winter sun
I am the ghost that watches the days go by
I am the chameleon that reflects what you want to see
I am the fly that sits on the wall
I am the man in the long deep coma
I am the nightmare doomed never to end
I am the leprechaun giving false gold
I am only there when I look in the mirror
I am the clam that hides under it’s shell
I am the noise that screams in the background
I am the cry of a dying deer
I am the shout of a frightened rabbit
I am the crab that snaps at your heels
I am here wishing I wasn’t
I am there where nobody looks
I am tired
I am unable to feel
I am unable to heal
I am going to say goodbye now

The End

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