I Am...

If you were to be broken down into everyday things, what would you be?

I am mud and dirt.
I am a pair of big black sunglasses.
I am a long baggy sweatshirt that doesn't fit.
I am the sound of pen on paper.
I am a pair of battered army regulation boots.
I am the smell of burnt toast in the morning.
I am wet grass in the sun.
I am a tangle of hair in a battered comb.
I am a cuss in a long-dead language.
I am eggs exploding in a microwave.
I am a pair of ill-fitting khaki pants.
I am a stiff screw on a malfunctioning rifle.
I am soap in your eyes as you grope for a towel.
I am a head full of stories.
I am seasickness.
I am a flurry of powder snow crashing down a mountainside.
I am a laugh that sounds like a jackal on helium.
I am a soft pillow and a warm matress.
I am the horizon chaser.
I am curious.
I am an eagle flying free above the wilderness.
I am the eyes of a wolf in the dark.
I am a series of mad misadventures.

I am who I am.

I am me.

The End

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