I am...

Another response, should be self explanatory :)

I am…
A second year university student.
The type of person who finds it hard to find homework pleasant—
But to me books are quite decent.
I am…
Nineteen-years old.
Creative, I have been told—
With a big future in my hands to hold.
I am…
Not related to Castro,
Free, over my head there is no ban.
I am…
Always questioned as to how I got here.
Not a sailor, so by boat I did not get here.
Not a soldier, so by fighting I did not get here.
I am…
Disappointed in all the questions asked by people who do not bother to read the papers.
Proud of my heritage, the type of person who will say I am Cuban without adding the Canada to the end with the i-a-n letters.
I am…
A girl of nineteen years, soon to be twenty this April.
Someone in a multitude of millions who knows how to speak Spanish, and on her “Hi My Name Is…” sticker there is a label.
A Spanish girl, who most don’t believe, but is quite able.
I am…
Curly haired.
Big brown eyed.
Light brown skinned.
I am…
All that I can be,
All that I want to be,
Someone who can, more than her own country’s name and worth, be.
I am Dayla, do you understand me?

The End

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