Hypocrite Hostage

 I feel held hostage by hypocricy. 

Yes, I am no where near perfect. I have no claims to status, but I don't take the stands you do either. 

I deeply appoligize that I'm afraid to reveal all honesty. Concealing information hurts. But I'm not about to stab you, tell you all your faults. Tell me I lack the courage to tell you the truth, but I also lack the cruelty to shape your life with opinions that shouldn't change your way of thinking. I am trapped. 

You have been honest. You've stabbed at me telling me I am brutal and mean, and you have stabbed at me telling me I have no right to widthhold opinions and you have the right to know. I agree with both, but neither way I can be free. I liked it better when you didn't judge me so harshly. When you didn't expect so much of me. I know you feel the same way about me, you hate my opinioins yet you care too deeply to discard them. In a way, we are both trapped. 

I'm unsure where to proceed from here. I want to freely express my opinions without hurting anyone, and without being judged by anyone. I write all my thoughts, and its an unguarded gateway into my head. Yes, you have the option to read it, but it comes with a cost. You have to give me a gateway as well. 

The End

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