Hunting Peace

Dawn finds me stirring dust as I drive towards my spot. My pickup bounces, slowing for the waterhole, the coffee blends with nicotine as the river calls soflty over the whine of the defroster. Anticipation jabs and nudges, trying to make me speed, but the road will have none of that.

Will today be the day? It has been a long winter, tying flies and waiting for the ice to leave, reluctant as it always seems to be, checking gear dug out of unexpected places.

Run up past the pools, wade down or cast from shore, perhaps throw in the boat?

The last bend down the rocky incline truck creaking slowly as I break and twist and jar. Head bashes the window and there it is... first here as the sun screams hello. Smell, hear, feel the air, the wind, the damp living ground.....home again, alone and free.

Heart picks up pace and the gear flies on, coffee warming hand and the river sings hello.

The End

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